Training Report for First Course of TUNA Corporation’s First “Navigate Class”

Middle and senior management personnel are not only the core human capital and strategic resources of the enterprise, but also the backbone for enterprise development. As middle and senior management personnel of an enterprise, whether they have the same thinking mode and knowledge base with the decision-making leaders determines whether they are able to think about and deal with daily management issues from the overall interests, which then determines the management effectiveness of the enterprise. Therefore,  TUNA, in cooperation with the specially invited lecturer of Shanghai Baishirui Training and Management Institute Mr. Chen Wei, conducted a unique sandstorm simulation training for "Comprehensive Operation Management of Enterprises" in training room of adminiatraion buiding A for the first batch of “Navigate Class” trainees.

As a specially invited lecturer of Shanghai Baishirui Training and Management Institute and a specially appointed lecturer of over 20 domestic consulting agencies, Mr. Chen Wei has working experience in many Fortune 500 companies and is also an investor in the capital market. Therefore,  he has his own views about the opportunities and challenges faced by middle and senior management personnel in the current situation, and can also provide participants with ideas and methods to solve these problems.

Driven by Mr. Chen's happy, inspiring and practical training concepts, all participants actively participated in the training games of team formation, group discussion, simulation of company formation and analysis and summary. The difficulties in the games continued to increase, making participants feel the excitement and cruelty of market competition and the risks and responsibilities of management. Mr. Chen inspired the trainees to think in other places, strengthen the communication and understanding among the participants, and experience the team cooperation spirit in the experience of success and failure, so as to comprehensively improve the quality and ability of the trainees management. Time flies, this training ended successfully with warm applause from all the trainees and their fervent expectation for the next training.