Safety & Quality Month| Create, Dedicate and Enjoy Safety & Quality

To improve safety production management, improve the quality of the safety consciousness, promote sustainable development of the company, enhance staff cohesion, on April 28th 2019, the company carried out in order to "create safety quality, dedication quality, enjoy the safety and quality" as the theme of safe quality month activity, the company's vice President and Matthew equipment manufacturing division general manager yu attended and declare the beginning of the "safety quality month" activities, and lead the members of "safety quality month" leading group "safety quality month" activity request, expectations, etc.

Since the launch of the activity, the company has conveyed the importance of the "safety and quality month" activity to all employees of the division through various ways such as hanging slogans, advertising window cartoons, posters announcements, workshop morning meetings, etc., guided employees to establish safety and quality awareness ideologically, widely publicized the significance, purpose, requirements, methods and steps of the "safety and quality month" activity, deeply realized the urgency and necessity of carrying out the "safety and quality month" activity, and earnestly and pragmatically invested in the "safety and quality month" activity in a highly responsible attitude towards the division and employees.

All the products of the Division are within the scope of activities. Through the understanding of all employees of the Division from various aspects, we can find out the defects of our products and aspects to be improved, and truly realize the gap to prepare to achieve the first-class level in the industry for all products. At the same time, we take the reasonable suggestions to improve the product quality by mobilizing the intelligence and enthusiasm of employees. The staff whose suggestion is taken will be incented by bonus.

In order to ensure the continuous stability of the division's product quality, maintain the quality reputation of the company's products, strengthen and explore strategies to comprehensively improve quality management, the Division has set up four quality control teams to tackle the quality problems in the subsequent production process and the problems listed in the discussion on process improvement, to solve some long-standing and difficult-to-solve quality problems in the after-sales and production process, thus improving the quality of products.