Press Conference for 2019 China Volleyball Open Event of the 2nd “TUNA Corporation Cup” Ended Successfully

On May.15, Press conference for 2019 China volleyball open event of the 2nd “TUNA Corporation Cup” was held in Shaoxing Olympic Sports Center. The signing ceremony was succesfully held by TUNA Corporation and Shaoxing Volleyball Association. 

TUNA as the enterprise of named party, Chairman Meng Jin came to the signing site and delivered a speech. He said that it was a great honor for TUNA to contribute to this national volleyball competition. He also indicated that TUNA has been rooted in technology development and engineering application of environmental protection industry since the establishment, and is building a global influential environmental protection Corporation with the strategic direction from the power to non-power, domestic to foreign, land to ocean. 

When the reporter asked why TUNA Corporation sponsored the competition, Mr. Jin said that one was because of his personal love for sports and the other was because of development concept and vision of the enterprise. Air pollution control, water pollution control, solid waste control and other business development of TUNA are external environmental treatment, while building a city of volleyball to promote national fitness is an effective measure for internal health development. So we are honored to be named the air volleyball match to promote the healthy development of volleyball in Shaoxing, it is same with TUNA’s vision and mission in essence, that is “build a living environment with beauty, green and harmony”. Finally, I wish the 2019 balloon volleyball match of “TUNA Corportion Cup” a complete success!

2019 balloon volleyball match of “TUNA Corportion Cup” will be held from May.30 to Jun. 2 in Shaoxing Olympic Sports Center. 49 teams ( 25 for men, 24 for women) from all over the country gathered 399 volleyball masters from all provinces and cities across the country. It was reported that this match was not ony a national balloon volleyball event hosted by National Sports General Administration Volleyball Management Center and Shaoxing Municipal People's Government, coordinated by Shaoxing Municipal Sports Bureau, Shaoxing Olympic Sports Center and Shaoxing Municipal Volleyball Association, but also an important brand event to build a destination city for international event. The four-day competition will bring a volleyball event to Shaoxing citizens. At present, the preparations for the event are being carried out in an orderly manner.