TUNA corporation "Safety production month" activity in 2019

In order to further implement the policy of state production safety and implement the responsibility system for production safety, Create strong atmosphere of "safety management is everyone's responsibility",to build " everybody manages security, everything needs to be safe","safety without small things","I am responsible for my own safety, I am responsible for the safety of others",harmonious enterprise, highlighting "risk prevention, remove hidden danger, deterring accident",in response to the national production safety 18 months activity theme. Under the leadership of li Yang, supervisor of the office of safety & environment, TUNA corporation department's production workshop staff and relevant representatives of functional departments shouted loud and clear slogans, and TUNA corporation 2019 "production safety month" also officially start.

In order to actively respond to the 18th national production safety month "risk prevention, remove hidden danger, deterring accident", strengthen the sense of responsibility for production safety, and promote the company's safety development, on June 1, at the equipment manufacturing business department second workshop TUNA environmental protection held the "Safety Production Month" activity mobilization ceremony, Mr. Xu, The vice President of the company, Deng, manager of engineering division of environmental protection engineering business department, and other leaders were on hand to mobilize.

At the mobilization conference, Mr. Xu, the vice president on the development of "safety production month” activities to mobilize speech. He emphasized that safety production is not only the foundation of the corporation, but also the important event related to the harmony and happiness of millions of people. TUNA corporation tenet is "human orientation,morality first", and this is the most profound interpretation of safety in production.

GM Chen of equipment manufacturing business department also made an important speech at the ceremony, calling on the staff to earnestly implement the work plan of "safety production month", carry out all kinds of work activities, and comprehensively improve the safety level of corporation. Then manager Deng of engineering division announce the activity plan made by engineering center of environmental protection business department for this production safety month at the meeting, ensuring that the production safety status of each project department of engineering center 2019 maintains a good and stable development trend.

According to the arrangement of the activity process, all the staff present solemnly signed on the banner of "risk prevention, remove hidden danger, deterring accident", showing their support and determination for the activity.